Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Pains, Trains & Automobiles

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Pains, Trains & Automobiles ~

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Heading into town with a loaded iPhone - not mine, as you'll have gathered if you read my last post, but an iPhone nonetheless - feels pretty good, I have to say.

My RER - that's the big fast suburban Paris train to you folks - is on one of the safer lines, thank goodness. It's the C line, but the D is the one to avoid if you can. And the B can Be a Bugger if you're an unwitting tourist, and I speak from bitter experience...

Anyway. Here I am having done my back in where even blowing my nose is to be done with great delicacy, and all because I bent over to fix my three year-old's plastic multi-story birthday garage - jeez. You'd think I could have trapped a nerve doing something a bit more glamorous like windsurfing or something, wouldn't you? But no. So there you go.

My trip took place at night, so you'll have to suffer a whole bunch of murky Paris mush for a while until I get some more diurnal diatribes to direct your way.

We're looking at one of the fancy new RERs - that's the... oh, I just told you - which has already been delightfully decorated by some of our sly suburban chums. Is it an improvement? Well, it depends on the angle you're looking at it from I guess. And which side of the tracks you're on. I'm not going to have a tantrum about it; I've only got one back to do in. Later.

And why not...
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