Saturday, 6 October 2012

RDV 2013

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ RDV 2013 ~

RDV 2013 by Paris Set Me Free
RDV 2013, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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Poor old Samaritaine, we are all asking what she's going to look like when she finally reopens, perhaps next year.

A strange sign has appeared in the night: du soleil dans la nuit; sunshine in the night. Weird. What's that all about, then? The name of the new hotel complex they are currently fabricating behind firmly closed doors? Or some sort of artistic statement. Only time will tell. Or the internet, maybe.

As it is my fond memories lie in the old art department and looking down from up on high at all the galleries receding earthwards - I hope they keep them.

And the superbe Rue de la Monnaie facade has to stay too, hopefully restored to its original splendour, or washed at least.

This grand old dame of the Seine has lain dormant for too long. It's time she danced again, and that superb view from her heights became once more one of the not so secret delights of this sumptuous city. RDV 2013 on the mythical 9th floor of La Samaritaine, hopefully!

And why not...
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