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A Wee Bit o' History

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~ A Wee Bit o' History ~

A Wee Bit o' History by Paris Set Me Free
A Wee Bit o' History, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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Scottish origins. Everything's got Scottish origins these days. Well, all the whisky in the ads hoping people'll down litres of the stuff for hogmanay, that is. Except the Irish ones - for the inferior 'whiskey' - of which there are a handful still hanging around but not worth bothering with of course.

Scottish origins, hell, everything wants to have Scottish origins at this time of year. Shortbread and scones - that's scones that rhyme with 'swans', and not 'stones', bloody Sassenachs - tartan 'skirts' in Marks and Sparks - for the ladies, of course - real Scots men wear kilts with nought underneath and if you call it a skirt he'll likely floor ye. The Loch Ness monster. Mysterious mist-shrouded castles. Sean Connery for crying out loud.

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Scottish origins, I've got Scottish origins, for Ed's sake. Born, if not bred in Edinburgh, fair city, me. Never worn a kilt, like shortbread, don't like whisky except with coke and coffee - there's more than one who would question my claim to being flavour of the end of the month at this time of year with my pale Gaelic roots showing through.

Whatever, the origins are there and I don't think I've ever let someone saying 'Oh, you're English' get away with it, despite my RP accent and southern upbringing.

The Scots and the French supposedly get on like an English cottage on fire, as do the Irish and the Welsh - we've all been at war with the English at sometime in the past, after all.

Which begs the question: who actually does like the English? Even I can't say I'm a big fan, although try telling me that Faulty Towers and The Office aren't the best thing since sliced lamb and mint sauce and I'll floor ye. Oops, that's my wee Scottish origins showing through again.

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