Saturday, 8 December 2012

And Don't Set Yourself Alight!

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ And Don't Set Yourself Alight! ~

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I noticed yesterday that the enigmatic 'du soleil dans la nuit' sign seemed to have disappeared from the top of the Samaritaine. Could this be in preparation for some new development in the long running saga of the legendary but ill-fated Paris department store, or maybe I'm just getting short-sighted and it's still there.

Today was a lovely day. Taking my kid to music, walking the dog, a good hour hitting the keyboard, a trip into Paris, a meal on the table ready for us, a walk, a metro ride, a good hour in one of my favourite book shops, another meal and a drink and home followed finally by some more keyboard tapping. Perfect.

The bookshop's called L'Oeil Ecoute (the eye listens) and has a dangerously interesting Paris section. I decided today that I had to come clean; I collect books on Paris. I hadn't ever called it or considered it a 'collection' before now, but why not. I can't stop buying the damn things! Not only that but there's an endless stream of new ones to tempt me on almost a weekly basis.

Of course, it's getting harder and harder to find genuinely original stuff but new gems frequently turn up. What's more, it all helps me in my self-declared goal of knowing as much as possible about all the little quirks and curiosities of the city.

Talking of which, I did something quite exciting today - I put my e-book 'Sab's Secret Paris - Quirks & Curiosities' with 20 of my finest up for free on Amazon for three days, hopefully to get some more readers, we'll see.

Hope your day was as interesting as mine was - night night, sleep tight, and don't let the bedbugs bite (what I used to say as a child before going to sleep)!

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