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Coffee Procopupation

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Coffee Procopupation ~

Coffee Procopupation by Paris Set Me Free
Coffee Procopupation, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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The Procope café and restaurant is supposed to be the oldest in Paris in continuous operation, dating from 1686. This was back in the days when Louis XIV, 'The Sun King', was running his kingdom from the Palace of Versailles.

It was named after a certain historian, Procopius, whose Secret History, discovered in the Vatican Library told the scandals of the Emperor Justinian and his ex-dancer Empress.

The café was at first a place where gents could savour the exotic 'coffee' as well as other unusual treats such as sorbet, served by waiters in evocative 'Armenian' costumes.

Anyway, before I quote or paraphase the whole of the Wikipedia entry, let me finish with the fact that this is one of the most interesting facades on the utterly charming Cours du Commerce Saint-André just off Odéon which I wrote about recently concerning a certain Philippe Auguste tower, but that was another day and another blog post.

This place has, unsurprisingly, played host to countless luminaries whom I won't try to impress you by listing, but let's just say I don't number amongst them, not yet having set foot inside this hallowed house. Which doesn't impress me - I'll try to rectify the situation shortly. If I can afford it or someone's feeling generous - a simple coffee will do...

And why not...
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