Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Colditz, Come On Down!

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Colditz, Come On Down! ~

Colditz, Come On Down! by Paris Set Me Free

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Les Frigos (the Fridges) is (are?) certainly one of the most curious places in the city. This shot doesn't tell half the story.

Once you get inside you're literally in a labyrinth of passages, random really weird art and... fridges; giant ones; room sized ones. The fridges are the artists' studios, complete with refrigeration tubing and goodness knows what other gadgets and gizmos to enliven the place; it's truly amazing.

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From the outside, however, it's another story, looking rather like Colditz, or how I imagine Colditz must look, or at least fairly similar to La Santé, Paris' sinister prison up there in the 14th...

Grim grey with little windows, the place leaves a lot to be desired from this angle in the cruel light of day. Round the other side there's a rather regal tower - actually enclosing the spiral staircase - to redeam it, but from here it's uninviting to say the least.

But what wouldn't I give to have a residency in this place. They have an open couple of days each year or so and you'd be a fool not to check it out - one of the true curiosities of Paris, and that coming from one who knows a certain amount about such things!

And why not...
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