Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Comme une Lettre à la Poste

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Comme une Lettre à la Poste ~

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My Paris Top 10 has ground to a halt somewhat over on Paris If You Please I'm afraid. Not having an iPhone for two months didn't help, although it did help me get two months behind with this blog which was a pain.

I'm not even sure if I've started a Top 10 Paris letterboxes, but if and when I do this will surely be in it.

Tucked away in a dark corner of Montmartre, it's a little beauty, with its golden pigeons delivering their letters on a charming black roofed box.

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Unfortunately two of my all time favourite grungy, rusting, peeling letterboxes, also in Montmartre, will never feature here, having been painted a mind-numbingly boring light grey. I've still got them on my Paris Set Me Free site somewhere though, if you want to go digging.

So, now that the spark of Top 10s is shining again I'm looking for inspiration and ideas. In terms of house features there are doors, of course, and door knobs and knockers. There are also the rather weird 'wheel-chasers', and possibly old bells, although I don't have any worthwhile examples of those yet.

I've got the standard ones on my list at least: bridges (done), churches (not started), drain covers (in progress), street graffiti (not classic stuff - pavement slogans), wall plaques and suchlike. I guess I could go really obscure and do a Top 10 paint peels, top ten sale signs, top ten street lamps and who knows where it would end. Maybe never. Keeps me busy anyway, better than basket weaving...

And why not...
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