Monday, 15 October 2012

Designated Street Art Area

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~ Designated Street Art Area ~

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The irony of this is, of course, that you're hardly likely to have spent long hours producing an urban masterpiece, or even short minutes sticking up some satirical minorpiece, only to come along at 7pm to take it down again.

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They're poking fun at authority in a fairly easy way - it must only take seconds to put these things up - but it's funny all the same. Especially when you see the sign out of the 'official' street art hours...

There were a couple of pieces of street art higher up on this wall but I think they predate the notice. Sadly there wasn't a hive of activity of people feverishly producing street art as I passed. Just a bunch of metal railing things waiting for deployment or to be carted away. Who knows, maybe they are to protect the street artists as they go about their legitimate efforts between 11 and 7.

The Marais, apart from Jews, gays, tourists, fashionable boutiques and mediaeval buildings is notable for its street art, and new stuff is cropping up all the time, it's like the streets are alive with ideas.

I personally have never put anything up here but one day I'd like to, on one of the walls like this one which don't seem to be doing much of any worth, just waiting for a few splashes of colour to liven things up a bit.

And why not...
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