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Digging In The Dirt

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Digging In The Dirt ~

Digging In The Dirt by Paris Set Me Free
Digging In The Dirt, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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The church Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis, like its neighbour, l'église Saint-Gervais-Saint-Protais has always intrigued me.

Didn't they have enough churches to go around, or were saints just a bit too supernumerous in those days?

Whatever, they've just done up Paul and Louis' place and bally splendid it looks too.

The doors are actually a deep red and not the violent pink you see in this pic - blame my efforts to make the thing look presentable. There are four of these fine beasts in a row, with this curious gaping jowl look, possibly for some sort of knocker of yesteryear which is no more.

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These days all the fancy knockers are either gone or welded in place so you can't just whack away and see if anyone answers. That's what the interphone's for, alas.

So the église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis is the latest to succomb to the current penchant for sandblasting our good old grimy buildings to hell. It's true it was grimy, boy, was it black!

Now it's lovely and spanking brand new, as I mentioned in a recent post, and who knows what will be in the firing line next. I'm awaiting the fateful day when the backside of Sacré Coeur get's The Treatment. The Hôtel Dieu is looking terribly tarnished these days too next to the pristine new Conciergerie.

Watch this space; if there's Paris dirt to be churned over, rest assured: I'll be in there, saints willing.

And why not...
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