Sunday, 16 December 2012

Foaming, Not Drowning

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Designated Street Art Area ~

Foaming, Not Drowning by Paris Set Me Free

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This Paris pavement petition says 'Stop Massacre Gaza - demonstration Barbes (in the north of Paris) 14h Sat 24 Nov'.

Talking of massacres, the latest US innocent school kid shooting has just taken place with expressions of horror and bewilderment all over the internet.

What's the world coming to, a lot of people are asking. Especially in the US it seems. Interracial hatred; ethnic loathing; territorial terror; sociopsychopathic disfunctionment. It seems there's no end to the problems.

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I have nothing much to add - it would be so much froth on the pond. All I can say is how lucky I am to live in a place where the amplitude of such things is relatively minor. That considering fate could have cast me in any number of less desirable situations and circumstances.

Already there are certain people saying that it's all the fault of the godlessness of certain others, the irony of which is searing. Which God indeed? Atheists, for want of a better expression, say they simply believe in one less god than everyone else, which makes some sort of, again, ironic sense.

I believe that humanity has gone so far from what nature initially intended that we are seeing some horrendous aberrations occurring, but there's nothing supernatural about it. It's simply the way things are, and we can just try to muddle through the madness and occasional glimmers of sanity as best we can.

One could say that all is meaningless or, more optimistically, that everything is significant in its own little way, otherwise why art, why coffee breaks, why read, why write, why sit-coms, why music, why pick up an autumn leaf, why any number of seemingly pointless things? We muddle through. In the end it's all we can do.

And why not...
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