Sunday, 9 December 2012

Good Day To You, My Friends

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~ Good Day To You, My Friends ~

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Not wanting to brag or anything, but I have a LOT of friends.

I normally have around 60 spam messages to clear out each morning but today there was the grand total of 619 sitting in there waiting to welcome me. And what's strange is that the vast majority of them had the subject line 'Good day to you my friend'...

Now I knew I was popular and everything, but 619? That's ridiculous. So I deleted them.

Yesterday was Jim Morrison's birthday - he was 69, as it were, and I got sent a nice pic of his grave in Père Lachaise cemetery to remind me. So now I'm starting the day with 'Love Me Two Times', 'Hello I Love You', 'People Are Strange' and the rest. Nice. He also has a lot of friends he never met.

And so does this chap up on the wall here. Friends and enemies too. Much as Gregos and his faces are appreciated by many, there are some who enjoy going around hacking pieces off them, which seems a shame to me.

I've put stuff up on the walls of Paris, as you might remember, and about half of them are still there. Sometimes literally 'half' of them...

I recently made 20,000 'Likes' on Facebook, from around 19,975 people, say, whom I shall never meet. This is also strange. Virtual friends. But also nice. Connecting with people through a shared passion, such as art, music, Paris, photography or even spam. Ok, no, not spam. But apart from that I guess it's pretty cool.

So I'd like to finish with a great big 'Good Day To You, My Friends'. Hello, I love you may be a little strong, but Hello, I Like You is very much part of today's social reality, and I do. The End.

And why not...
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