Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My Outstretched Mind

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ My Outstretched Mind ~

My Outstretched Mind by Paris Set Me Free
My Outstretched Mind, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

If you stand with your arms outstretched you can just about touch both sides of the Rue du Chat Qui Peche (Fishing Cat Street). It's narrow.

Purported to be the narrowest or second narrowest street in the city - I can tell you what the narrowest one is supposed to be if you like - it's also in a great location, going from the very touristy Rue de la Huchette to the Seine.

Talking of limitations, I received this from one of the million mailing lists I'm on:

Jock (I'm 'Jock' to this particular one),

Only $3.46 on Amazon!
I think 'limiting beliefs' get too much airplay in the self-help world.
Amplifying what is great within you will certainly accelerate your life faster than fixing what you *think* limits you.

Looking for inspiration as I am at the moment, this struck a chord. And a random thing I saw on Facebook also went well for a friend who's about to lose her job: something along the lines of: Tomorrow is far, far more exciting than yesterday...

Possibly my most aimless post ever, but, as I keep saying, there are days like these, and this is one of them. There'll be more later. Sometimes the muse is out to lunch, but as they say, the future is what you make it. I believe that. So I'll leave the fishing cat to his limited horizons and get on with widening mine. In my outstretched mind.

And why not...
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