Monday, 24 December 2012

Not Uplifting But Falling

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~ Not Uplifting But Falling ~

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Either they had a particularly good run up to the Christmas period, or this lingerie remainders store has seen better days.

Although it's not in the Sentier or the 12th arrondissement it's typical of many of the cheap clothing stores in those areas.

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There's something surreal about the naked mannekins, the violent pink facade and the ripped up poster advertising... what? Maybe that the shop's now free for another bad idea for a business?

As I've already said though, in this climate this sad sight is not at all uncommon. Times are tough. Especially in the cut-throat cut-price clothing industry currently being ravaged even more by ultra-cheap imports from China and the like.

Then again, if we believe the panel which says there are (were) regular arrivals from the top brands at up to 60% off, then the small fish are not the only ones suffering.

Whatever the truth, I certainly never helped them out, as my purchasing of hand-me-down ladies underwear has been minimal these last few years. Marks and Spencer and C & A usually do me just fine, sexy beast that I am. Grrr.

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