Thursday, 18 October 2012

Off The Rails

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Off The Rails ~

Off The Rails by Paris Set Me Free
Off The Rails, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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It's fairly unusual for me to post a pic of such a barren, featureless wasteland with out even a whizzing train to cheer things up but this was my view.

Stuck in a carriage waiting for some goods train to trundle past, looking out at this, I thought I'd share the moment with you.

When I finally got to Paris there wasn't much snow at all, just a bit on a couple of cars looking like they'd struggled in from the suburbs.

In the UK a bit of a dusting like this can cause havoc, chaos and mayhem but the good old RER, for once, was up to the challenge, and eventually got into town more or less on time.

A happy afternoon taking pictures in the rain ensued, followed by a croque-madame, and a rather awkward moment when my lady client asked me what the difference was between the feminine version and the good old standard croque-monsieur, and why they were so named.

I'd heard that a 'proper' croque-madame is supposed to have two eggs on, and whether it's an urban legend or not I don't know, but that it might thus, just possibly, resemble something... somewhat similar to... a certain part of... the female anatomy!

My client wasn't having any of it and quite rightly told me to stop talking nonsense, and so following her excellent advice I shall now, once more, do just that. How easily I go off the rails these days; dear oh dear.

And why not...
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