Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Paint It Black

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Paint It Black ~

Paint It Black by Paris Set Me Free
Paint It Black, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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There are days when you remember all the greatest tracks and the first time you ever heard them, still crystal clear.

A Minstrel In The Gallery by Tull. A Fool No More by Peter Green, on that student radio way back when.

Rubber Ring by the Smiths. Yes I did. Closer To You (original version) by Momus. I tried.

Recently, Green Eyed Love, and the accompanying video wasn't bad at all. In the old days Paint It Black was exceptional.

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You Take My Breath Away by Queen did it for me back in the day. Making Plans For Nigel changed me forever... as did their Dear God...

And so many many many more.

Billy Bragg, Kate, Joni and Tracey. Not to mention the heavies - the Leds, the Deeps, the Judases, the Blacks... ahh, the Blacks...

I had to get my name from somewhere, after all...

And then they all come together, they never let me down, They never let me down. London Calling. Gotta See Jane. Seasons in the Sun. Ring of Bright Water.

It's almost a joke; the lack of space and boys bands, although Tripping is right up there in my top 10,000... you had to be there...

And why not...
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