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Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Pests ~

Pests by Paris Set Me Free
Pests, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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Heading into Paris on a slightly chilly Saturday morning to take pictures with my iPhone and Nikon with a fellow artist-client - what could be more delightful?

We're covering the Latin Quarter today, where this shot isn't, but there are still gems to be unearthed. Maybe I'll even get a nice sunrise from the train or from behind Notre Dame if I'm lucky.

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This curious store is in the Les Halles area and is the only one I know of of its kind in the city. 'Nuisance Animals', or 'Pests' is the name it's chosen, and in the window is a spectacular display of dead rats to prove it.

It must be a curious place to work, with such a morbid scene to greet you every day; the poor creatures - rats for the most part - are shown with their heads still trapped in the primitive mediaeval torture-looking device they were caught in back in the twenties I think it is.

They say that there's at least a rat for every one of the millions of Parisians in the city today. And apparently there's a policy to not eradicate them from the sewers as they perform quite a useful role in the removal of sewage from the underground city passages - yum yum!

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