Thursday, 11 October 2012

Remains of the Day

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Remains of the Day ~

Remains of the Day by Paris Set Me Free
Remains of the Day, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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There will be days (and nights) when inspiration is lacking, and others when the ideas seem to flow.

I sometimes feel uneasy about the way this blog hesitates (and fluctuates) between a personal diary and an informative Paris points of interest journal.

If it were more personal I'd probably feel even more uneasy and more like it was one of those blogs where I talk about daily trivia of little interest to those who came for stuff about what's suggested in the title, that is to say: Paris.

If it were more informative and less personal I'd have joined the equally valid blogs which cover their topics with worthy rigour without a more intimate inkling to their writings.

I don't think I'd feel 100% happy with either approach, and thus I'm stuck somewhere in the middle, as I often feel I am; fence-sitting.

Is it a comfortable fence? And can I twist a link out of these meandering thoughts and today's photo? Not totally, and I'm not sure yet, respectively.

Strangely, getting off the fence would be more painful for me than staying on it. And perhaps the guy in the photo is compromising between what he'd really like to be doing and earning an honest living for himself and his family.

What do I know? Maybe he likes his job. Maybe he hates it. There must be positive and negative sides to calmly sweeping up the day's detritus in the quiet of the night.

It's Paris and my life which equally inspire this blog, and I can't see any way around that. Hopefully there'll be enough about Paris to keep France's capital fanatics interested. Hopefully there'll be enough personal input to stop it becoming just another tourist guide to the world's favourite city. Hopefully, I'll be that lucky. Hopefully, you'll be that indulgent.

And why not...
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