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Room For A Small One?

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~ Room For A Small One? ~

Room For A Small One? by Paris Set Me Free

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There used to be a church here which gave its moniker to the Place Saint André des Arts and the neighbouring road of the same name.

It's surprising how little this area has changed over the decades and even centuries, since it was threatened with flatttendom by Haussmann but miraculously escaped by the canopies of its facades.

You may be thinking, ahh, how I'd like to have an apartment like those ones up high, the gorgeous blue sky reflecting beautifully in their leaf-enshrouded panes. You'd be wishing in vain, of course. The windows, like the leaves, are painted on to the rather blunt end of the building.

In the past this same facade was covered in advertising, and you may think this is a definite improvement, thanks to the artist Catherine Feff. There's something evocative about the old ads though, and I'm including a postcard from a 100 years ago here so you can see what I mean.

I'll even include another pic - that's three for the price of one - showing the place under water during the terrible flooding of 1910...

I've always been intrigued by that little passageway up high and often wonder who could live there. One of my dreams is to have a little apartment in this area - it needn't be anything fancy, just a room or two for my Parisian artist's pied-à-terre, as they call it. If you know anyone who can help me out, give me a shout!

And why not...
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