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Sandwich Scrounging Sourpuss

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Sandwich Scrounging Sourpuss ~

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I doubt I'd have had the same problem if this charming young lady had been in attendence.

As it was it turns out I was shooting the wrong streetside sandwich display at the wrong time.

Innocent as it would seem, it appears that you can't just photograph any old refrigerated cabinet, even if it's taking up so much of the pavement it's practically in the road itself, as we were.

All I did was show my client how great a shot you could get with a super-wide angle lens from a certain position, admittedly crouched down near the sacred sandwiches when out storms Monsieur Puffychest as though we were helping ourselves to the darn things.

But I can photograph anything I like from the street, I protested. Non you can't came the reply. Why not, says I. Coz it's my shop says beady eye.

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A pointless to-and-fro ensued with much chest-puffing from the miserable fat old git protecting his damned display from my pernicious prying lens with his midrift. In the end he challenged me to try and take a shot at which point I felt the situation degenerating so I looked him up and down with a disparaging eye and a slightly shaky 'Of that? No thanks!' and off we went.

Very silly really. I'm convinced he had no right to stop us photographing his sandwiches but what's more intriguing is why he was so worried about it. Did he think we were from some ferocious competitor hell bent on stealing his hastily thought out heap-of-baguettes stacking techniques? Or maybe his ingredients were so innovative he was worried about us swiping his secret recipe for a petit jambon beure (ham and butter sandwich) in the style of Colonel Saunders. Who knows.

Now, this young lady at the HD (Hot Dog?) Diner, on the other hand, was much more accommodating. Not fat, not miserable, not old and certainly not a git. I'll leave you to decide whether she qualifies for the epithet 'puffy-chested' or not.

Anyway, she posed and she preened and gave me the most wonderful shot with a sweet smile and nary a word, so I know where I'll be taking my photos from now on. Paris and its people have many sides, as I'm being constantly reminded and I wouldn't want it any other way.

And why not...
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