Saturday, 27 October 2012

Scaling The Peaks

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Scaling The Peaks ~

Scaling The Peaks by Paris Set Me Free
Scaling The Peaks, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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I have a friend who insists that Dalida was practically flat-chested, but don't bother telling that to the Paris brass-rubbers association who gather at Place Dalida daily.

Hot on the appeals of Montaigne's foot and Victor Noir's Père Lachaise, ermm, fertility bulge, it now seems that the in vogue items for fondling at the moment are this European starlet's womanly charms.

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It's funny that not too many Brits or Americans I've lusted through here with actually know who she was, but the French certainly do, and show their appreciation in no uncertain terms as do giggling Italian tourists.

I was one of those ignorant Brits but now know that she sang Parole Parole, which for some reason my partner always sings at me whenever I'm talking about some grand scheme or other. I think it means blah-blah, or less kind words to that effect.

Anyway, she's always one (or two) of the high points on my Montmartre ramblings with or without clients and it's interesting to see how many have heard of her and if that bloody white van which invariably spoils the most charming view in Paris which she's contemplating is there as usual. Such is life.

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