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Shiny Happy Steeple

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Shiny Happy Steeple ~

Shiny Happy Steeple by Paris Set Me Free
Shiny Happy Steeple, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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Scarily white, this thing, the church Saint-Paul Saint-Louis, coz one saint ain't good enough, or they've got too many of them for churches to fit in, hell, what do I know..?

Anyway, it's shiny new and sparkling as part of the city's on-going sprucing up initiative, hot on the heels of the Conciergerie and Notre Dame and the Tour Saint-Jacques and other esteemed edifaces, and jolly nice it looks too.

One thing I dearly hope they haven't cleaned up, though, is the revolutionary graffiti inside - now that would be a crying shame for the curiosity hunters of the city, indeed.

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There's something about cleaning up old buildings... something ironically irreverential. In a way, a lot of their charm lies in their grime. Take the back of Sacré Coeur, for example. What a mess. A beautiful, grimy, grungy mess of the grot of ages. That's it, I've run out of gr-words to describe these things, but you get the idea. It gives character. And to see them so spanking brand new almost seems like a violation.

I'll live with it, but the gothic character of many of these structures goes with the grit (hah - found another one) - the gritty character that one would have thought no amount of sand-blasting could have removed but alas it is not so.

Now we have Disney-enhanced versions of our favourite monuments just lacking a couple of Mickey Mouse ears on top or an animated princess peeking out of a window to make them complete. How long for that? How long do you give them?

And why not...
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