Friday, 2 November 2012

The Naked Lady of Juvisy

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ The Naked Lady of Juvisy ~

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Travelling into the Big Pea, you might just happen to pass through the monster of a railway junction cum station known as Juvisy. It's horrible. Horrible station, horrible area. The RER lines C and D run through it. I'm on the C so I know what I'm talking about.

There is one redeaming feature, though, incongruous as you like.

High up on the clock tower, bold as brass and presumably chilly as monkey's, is... a naked woman. She's always there, come sun or rain, sleet or snow, and I generally always look out for her.

This shot is a huge enlargement of a much wider shot, taken through the grimy window of a moving train, possible only thanks to the super res of my spanking brand new iPhone 5, doncha know? I'll include the original along here with it so you get the broader picture.

Why she's there, I don't know. Whose idea it was... don't know that either. Designed to distract barbarous invading hoards from the south, perhaps? Or just cheer up the wearily resigned commuter on a Monday morning maybe. Don't know much really. Just know that it makes a rather grim ride in these parts a little gayer (gaier?) especially for the lads I presume.

The Naked Lady of Juvisy. Giving the Venus de Milo a run for her money any day in my books. Rail on!

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