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The Vigil

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ The Vigil ~

The Vigil by Paris Set Me Free
The Vigil, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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It was actually, and rather inconveniently closed when I wanted to show the Memorial to the Deportation to my charming Jewish client, but we were still able to peer down one of the staircases which was better than nothing.

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This monument isn't just about Jews of course, as the panel with all the different coloured triangles before it shows. As we discussed, it's relatively easy to know roughly how many Jews were killed as there were records, but for others such as Gypsies, Blacks, Homosexuals and Consciencious Objectors it's much harder.

It's a shame she didn't get to see the extremely moving monument from the inside, but I'm also kind of glad - it's hard-hitting in its way and very powerful.

There are two worlds - the free Paris we can see over the top of the wall, and the interned other world of the liberty-challenged. There's the cruel teaser of the Seine and people going about their daily lives which can be glimpsed through the grill at the bottom of the stairs.

Paris is pretty good at this sort of thing, and this is one of the best examples. When they want to be meaningful, they know what they're doing. My Jewish client did get one photo - a close-up on a solitary seagull sitting atop the wall ready to fly off to freedom. You can see him in my shot too, but she did it so much better. Quite right too...

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