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They Burn Horses, Don't They?

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~ They Burn Horses, Don't They? ~

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France is a funny old place these days. Whilst half the country is out celebrating the coming year of hoped-for good fortune on the 31st of December, the other half, it seems, is out setting fire to their motor vehicles. Not their own, other people's, obviously. Or not.

There's a theory that people are actually cashing in on the pyromaniacal frenzy by torching their own cars to claim the insurance money. Such are times.

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Hundreds of cars are regularly set fire to on New Year's Eve, to add to the thousands burnt throughout the year, generally by disaffected youth in an attempt to get people to acknowledge that they are still there and a force to be reckoned with. It's kind of scary. And of course most of it happens in less affluent areas, contributing to the social unrest and feeling of romping malaise.

Personally, I've never enjoyed big crowds, and certainly don't feel particularly at ease on occasions such as the Fête de la Musique or passing nearby the PSG football ground. The problem here is that young thugs from the suburbs come into town specially to cause problems. The night sets in and people get liquored up and more susceptible to being hassled or attacked. Nice.

For this reason I generally watch it all on telly from the comfort of my living room, adventurous old soul that I am. There probably won't be a running tally of how many cars have been burnt in each department - this ended up being like a league table of delinquency and just spurred the culprits on.

Whatever happens, I hope that your New Year is a good and relatively cool one, with no flames to fan but plenty of exciting plans and projects to ignite as January gets under way. Happy 2013.

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