Saturday, 3 November 2012

Three-Nostrilled Giant's Nose Picker

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~ Three-Nostrilled Giant's Nose Picker ~

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I saw a stupid thing on Facebook just now. It was a grid with letters and it said something like: You will get the first 3 words U see in 2013 :). It was flouted as 'a bit of fun'.

I will 'get' Experience, Intelligence and Love, possibly in that order.

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Call me a cynic or a party-pooper, but I just can't see how this is 'fun'. I mean, it's obviously not true. Of if it is it's a coincidence. And then there's the thorny question of what is intelligence, just for starters. Some people already claim they love me. I can't see that number increasing significantly any time soon. And as for experience, it tends to come along when I'm least expecting it.

It's nonsense, of course, and possibly fun, but I get my fun in other ways. Many of them through the internet, it has to be said, but not through random word grids. Party well and truly pooped.

Now this just might be fun for a couple of you: what's this here object in this here picture then? I won't say any more - just see how many wonderfully informed people there are reading this right now. I bet it won't take long, knowing you guys. That's all. Now, wasn't that fun? And you know what? The first three guesses will come to you by internet in a very short while. I guarantee it.

And why not...
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