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UK, Ici Nous Venons

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~ UK, Ici Nous Venons ~

UK, Ici Nous Venons by Paris Set Me Free
UK, Ici Nous Venons, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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It's official. France's plans to tax the big earners is prompting an exodus to the other side of the English Channel. Estate agents in the fancier districts of the capital such as Chelsea, Fulham and Kensington have all seen an upsurge in applicants from France in recent months.

The new president François Hollande wants to tax those earning more than a million euros at 75%, which has notably seen Gerard Depardieu... depart. They are also planning to tax those earning over €150,000 more, increase capital gains levies, up inheritance charges and even introduce an exit fee on entrepreneurs selling up. Hence the exodus. No comment.

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Perhaps there's hope for me as an English teacher yet. I haven't taught English for a while now, but it's an intellectually satisfying, if monetarily crap career, unless you don't sell yourself as an English teacher.

These days it pays to be a linguistic consultant or a language coach or some other such permutation of the current buzz words. And it's true that Parisian professionals don't want cute little grammar lessons any more. They want highly specific, business skills focused training, and the 'English teacher' who knows how to exploit this new niche could do alright for themselves.

Also, the person who's put this ad up will probably find private clients who will pay them in cash - au noir, as they say here - which helps in the short run, although not with social security contributions.

I don't know what the best thing to do is these days, although going back to the UK to escape oppressive taxes doesn't, errm, apply to my situation, unfortunately. I wouldn't mind having that dilemma, to be honest. So France, ici je reste for the moment.

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