Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Wheels of Confusion

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Wheels of Confusion ~

Wheels of Confusion by Paris Set Me Free
Wheels of Confusion, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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You Tube is truly one of the scariest web sites in existence. You could lose a lifetime in there. It's nuts. Every song I look for, I find (almost). And so much more.

Just today I've discovered Shocking Blue and a charming singer called Sibylle Baier, just by chance. I've enjoyed some of my old favourites. I've spent about two hours doing just that.

Last night I watched District 9 in its entirety. Umm, twice.

I told you it was scary.

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I do subscribe to Deezer, which offers me tons of albums for €5 a month, but still, there's something about You Tube that's hard to define but it's almost better; it's free, and it's more random, and therein lies its charm. That column of suggestions on the right must be responsible for more lost hours than sick days now I bet. Especially for home workers. Nightmare.

Sibylle Baier's quite nice. The girl from Shocking Blue's awesome. If my son arrives we have Pocoyo up and running in a jiffy. Peppa Pig's a worthy second. The Telly Tubbies are so last century...

Abba's magnificent Eagle's there. As are various sublime versions of David McWilliams Days of Pearly Spencer. Don't get me started on Tenacious D's Tribute, or why not Running Up That Hill or True Faith while we're at it. It's nearly midnight and the devil You Tube is casting its evil spell on me again. God Kate looks good in grey. What about The Office. Or Fawlty Towers. Or some funny ads. Or the latest Pat Condell. Or the Young Turks. Or my own vids to see how they're doing. Or just more Beatles... Did I say it was scary?

And why not...
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