Wednesday, 19 December 2012

World's End Lane

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ World's End Lane ~

World's End Lane by Paris Set Me Free
World's End Lane, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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Well, it's the end of the world again tomorrow folks, which means I'll have one full day to enjoy my new iPhone before having to say goodbye to it all again.

This pretty unimpressive picture (quality-wise) is one of the first taken with the said new iPhone.

Did I mention that I've got a new iPhone?

Anyway, I almost inflicted a simple self-portrait on you, not being in Paris today, but then thought better of it.

So I added a little touch of Paris of my own...

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This was taken with the camera's face-facing camera, not the bells and whistles one, and was then further treated in Paint Shop Pro (poor-man's Photoshop) before sharing with you good folks. Don't you just love grunge? I know I do.

Yesterday we had presumably our last Paris If You Please meet up in a bar in the Marais - cool, calm and I got some fudge brownies and a pot of home-made green tomaydo jam into the bargain. I didn't know you could make jam with tomatoes, but now I do, and jolly good it tastes too.

Now I'm weeping big silly Eiffel Tower tears at the thought, if the Mayans have got it right, that I may never see her and her cohorts again.

Then again, just supposing they've not got it right, I'll be out shooting in the city again very shortly and bringing you yet more of the photos of the place we all love, on my sparkly new... iPhone 5 - oh yeah! (There are other Smart Phones available - just in case I get the call from Samsung, but I doubt it somehow...)

P.S. I used to live near a place called World's End Lane in North London. It's still there as far as I'm aware...

And why not...
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