Thursday, 24 January 2013

All In A Flurry

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ All In A Flurry ~

All In A Flurry by Paris Set Me Free
All In A Flurry, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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Today is the first day for two months when I haven't needed to write at least two Paris Photo Chronicles and I can't tell you (well, ok, I'm about to) what a relief it is. It's a relief.

Around mid September I got behind. Big time. My iPhone - you know that fancy device I've been using to take photos with for this very blog for nearly three years... - conked out. Stopped working. Gave up the ghost. And so did this blog.

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It was only two months later, in mid-November, that I finally got my new iPhone 5 and was able to resume normal service. I was determined not to have a yawning gap in my Fabulous Output, and so I went at it at double quick time.

So for 60 days, including over the Christmas period, I produced an average of two Paris Photo Chronicles a day instead of one. That's 120 pieces in two months. Heaven knows what happened to the quality, if it had ever been there. I hardly dare go back and read what I wrote, but so be it. It's done.

Now I'm soaring like the bird in this picture - you knew I'd get a link in somewhere, didn't you? - with a feeling of freedom like a weight's been lifted.

One piece per day from now on, usually first thing in the morning, et voilà! My only worry is that I'm going away for over a month in a while - will I be able to keep up the production rate? Based on my recent painful experience I'm determined not to get behind again. In fact it's so easy to produce a significant body of work if you just do a little every day - frighteningly easy. But most people don't do it.

As you know, I'm an impulsive sort, and terribly impatient - can't stand hanging around for things like novels or even short stories to fall out of my head, and so I blog. It's the ideal medium for me. But that's enough about me and not enough about Paris. See you tomorrow, same time, same place for some more, probably snowy, flurrying Paris fun.

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