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As Strong As An...

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ As Strong As An... ~

As Strong As An... by Paris Set Me Free
As Strong As An..., a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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When it comes to street art, and Montmartre street art in particular, I've never quite understood the artist OAK1, if that's his or her name. Which doesn't mean much, and certainly isn't a negative comment.

What I understand about art could be written on the back of this piece, which isn't much bigger than a handspan across. It's curious though. The name, and then these funny little faces which don't always fare much better than Gregos at the hands of jealous nose-smashers, forehead-furrowers and chin-churners.

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I'm sometimes envious of those who have both chosen an easier support for their work to quickly plaster up and who have simply 'done it' while I have not, or hardly at all. Good for them though.

A quick search for 'OAK1 graffiti Paris' turned up tons of the things, which I knew there were, but was still surprised at the variety, and which puts some of the more recent works like the octopus and Gregos stuff into perspective. Taking a basic shape you see how creative you can be with it. And the answer is certainly: very. Very inspiring it is too. But not so showy that it turns you off. Quite discrete in its own street art way.

When I see the amount of stuff there is in the streets today I'm quite glad I've never got hooked on trying to photograph it all - I'd go nuts and never get to the bottom of it. I'm just happy to offer you the odd piece or two now and then with a few thoughts and let them get on with it.

That's the first time though, I think, that I've devoted an entire post to this particular artist, so welcome to Paris and I, OAK1, and see you in the streets soon.

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