Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Black & White & Burnished All Over

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Black & White & Burnished All Over ~

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You will let me know when you're starting to get really sick of Paris snow pictures, won't you? I only have about five left which I haven't commented on yet, and a Paris photo shoot is coming up this weekend, so hopefully new material will be on its way shortly.

Poor old Dalida must have had enough of it anyway, with her utterly inappropriate attire for the time of year. This shot is at the other end of my 'most popular shot ever' or something near it, taken from the other end of Rue de l'Abreuvoir - watering trough street - showing that cute little pink house, inventively known as 'La Maison Rose' - the pink house...

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Someone pointed out that one, well, two parts of her don't seem to be suffering from the cold so much, thanks to the continual caressing they receive from enthusiastic if disrespectful snappers from the world over. This is true, but because I seem to always end up getting to this point every time I publish a pic of her I'll stop the story there.

It's funny, though, with the help of a little post-processing, admittedly, that the picture is almost black and white, apart from the aforementioned rubbed bits.

I should probably focus a bit more on statues than I do. There are so many wonderful ones around the city. My problem, though, is always that I'm aware I'm simply recording someone else's art, with is practically anathema to me.

What I generally try to do is make the statue look like an actual person and try and record them as though I were taking a portrait of them. This doesn't quite work here, because for one thing you can see that her torso is stuck into a hefty piece of granite. And secondly she's utterly armless, which isn't the most flattering of characteristics for a diva such as her.

Anyway, enough waffling, I'll be on the lookout for other statues to personify in the near future, although in the 20th, where I'm heading on Sunday, it's more likely to be graffiti which catches my eye, and my lens. Watch this space.

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