Thursday, 3 January 2013

Blonde, Bike, Building, Fish

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Blonde, Bike, Building, Fish ~

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The ultimate Paris combination, perhaps. Someone said I had him at blonde, and by bike he was positively reeling. I can understand that.

But yes, with the bike, symbol of modern and old Paris alike; the crumbling building - they're everywhere; the chic young something or other; and the enigmatic, almost secondary but oh-so significant Paris plaque... you nearly have it all.

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The fact that half of the fish in the plaque looks like a banana is neither here nor there. Well, it's kind of here because this ancient crypt, behind these nondescript doors, on the edge of the Saint Eustache church used to store bananas during one of its recent incarnations.

However, these are just old men's ramblings. The point is, history remains as times move on. And what we are living now will soon be history. That's not an easy concept to grasp, but arguably a useful one.

Whether we feel we should leave files, signs or fishes for our progeniture is a personal matter, but I'm kind of a fan of it. I'm kind of living my life for it. I'd like to think that tens or hundreds of years later one of my offspring will be reading these words, knowing I was thinking of them, with love and caring and hoping things are going well for them from an old Will way on back down the line somewhere...

So consider this a message, young'uns - keep up the good work; relate to Paris or your city as closely as you can; and above all, leave something for your future generations to hang onto. It's all they ask.

And why not...
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