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Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Chillin' ~

Chillin' by Paris Set Me Free
Chillin', a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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Temperatures have dropped radically here in Paris and we even had a dusting of snow yesterday although not enough to be picture-worthy unfortunately.

How people on the street manage in these conditions I don't know. They do as best they can. Yesterday I hosted our monthlyish Paris quiz and there were quite a few people in attendance. In case you're interested I'll give you some of the questions now.

As it was roughly our 7th time in the place I decided to focus the questions around the number 7. Genius, I know.

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Name 7 Paris bridges. Go on, see if you can. Name 7, yep, count 'em, 7 Paris train stations. Attention! Not metro stations, train stations... Name 7 Paris parks or gardens. That's parcs or jardins, indicated on the map thus. And the killer question of 7s: name 7 famous buildings in the 7th arrondissement. And there are lots of them!

I think it went pretty well although the table arrangement meant that people were a bit separated from each other which I'd have preferred not to be the case. I like it when we're all squashed up next to each other and there's more interaction between the participants and stuff.

The next quiz is in a month and I'll really have to get my thinking cap on to find a new theme, although Nathalie gave me a great idea: the names of people who have metro stations named after them and why they deserved that honour. I'm interested to know what the metro stop Bréguet SABin is all about. Not to mention the rue Pillet WILL, in the 9th. This being Sab Will writing, you understand. Paris has a place in her heart for all of us, even if it's just a cruel metal grill...

And why not...
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