Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cut The Pooh, Dude

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Cut The Pooh, Dude ~

Cut The Pooh, Dude by Paris Set Me Free
Cut The Pooh, Dude, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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Well, I finished the book I told you about at the beginning of the year - 'The 10-Second Philosophy' - the one I was excited about, but in the end I was a bit disappointed.

I should have got the warning signals from the sub-title: A Practical Guide to Releasing Your Inner Genius. It sounded great in the bookshop, but then again, that's what blurb writers are paid for, isn't it?

He kept going on for so long and so often about the need to live in 'your TrueSelf' as opposed to your NonSelf, not to mention how brilliant he is now that he does so 'all the time', he started to lose me and it was as much as I could do to finish the thing. Here's an example:

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"With practice you'll be able to access your inner self or Truth in seconds, and then just by thinking about it - then you will have TrueSelf access. When it feels right you'll be able to access this place with your eyes open and in conversation, presenting, watching, reading or studying. When you do this, you'll begin noticing what you notice, and this will cause you to pay more relaxed attention to your TrueSelf and trust whatever positive messages come from that place - whether it's knowledge, an impulse, or an idea."

And so it went on. I liked his initial idea about not being obsessed by goals but more by living by daily standards so that you get the most out of each moment. That sounds fine. 'So live for today - Tomorrow never comes...' as Black Sabbath sang once, but even that's hardly earth-shatteringly original.

And he likes capitalisation of Important Words. The only person I've ever trusted who did that was Winnie the Pooh, as in "It's a Useful Pot," said Pooh. "Here it is." That's straightforward and unthreatening. TrueSelf and NonSelf sound cabalistic and cunning.

Which is a shame because there was some good stuff in there. It was just drowning under a ton of fuddled new-agey spiritu-psychobabble. And if there's someone that don't wash well with... well, you know who. Not that I'm the insensitive kind, you understand...

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