Saturday, 5 January 2013

Flushed With Anticipation

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~ Flushed With Anticipation ~

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Being in the UK, the temptation, as ever, is to buy some good old UK books as opposed to all that Froggy nonsense. A Christmas book token - on a credit card type thingy no less - came in handy too.

And what did I get, you may be wondering? My 237th (or it seems like it) life-changing self-help book, of course, just like I always do.

This one's gimmick's quite a good one because it basically says to get where you want to go, forget about goal-setting, it's a complete waste of time, which is refreshingly subversive for the genre.

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The premise is, goals don't really inspire because you're always dreaming about the future instead of getting on with enjoying the present and having good, or great days today. Fine. So how do we improve our lives and get where we want to go if we don't have any goals, would be the next very valid question. It's all about standards.

You have to set standards for your daily actions without worrying too much about tomorrow. As long as they're good ones your life will improve on a day-to-day basis while you're busy doing something else as it were, and you might even attain a few objectives while you're at it. And that's as far as I've got.

What has this got to do with toilets, you may be asking. Well, not very much really, except that that's where it might end up if it's as useless - for me - as all the other self-help books I've ever read. Useless in that the principles were fine but just oh-so difficult to put into practice.

But I'm hopeful - I'll let you know what new standards I set as I get more into the book. Who knows, maybe this will be The One. Or not. What do you mean you can hear the sound of flushing..?

And why not...
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