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Give What You Can

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Give What You Can ~

Give What You Can by Paris Set Me Free
Give What You Can, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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One of my favourite street dudes, not that I've ever talked to him - too scary - and he always seems to come up with another character each time I see him.

He's often parked in the Place Palais Royal, as I often seem to be too, for some reason. His hands are always completely black from the chalk he uses to produce his masterpieces. I've never seen him talk to anyone. He doesn't look in too great shape and his message is about not having any money, so I always give a coin for a photo if I can.

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It must be unbelievably hard work crawling around on the cold concrete to do what he does, and making a fantastic job of it as well. It always makes me want to know their story, when I see people spending their lives like this, and if I were more of a roving reporter than a surreptitious snapper I'd be able to tell you. Dishonourable, maybe, but I kind of like to make up my own stories. He must be somebody's kid, someone's dad, maybe, a partner, a friend, but to whom I shall probably never know.

I try not to negatively judge those who simply ask for money without giving anything in return. This guy's got a talent, and one which lends itself to the street life admirably. He seems to be tolerated - I've never seen him moved on. But his creations move on, with a day's worth of scuffing or a few minutes steady rain. There will be people, though, with pictures of him and his ephemeral work all over the world. For that, he has achieved a sort of immortality. For that, I admire him.

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