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Guid Wee Beastie

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Guid Wee Beastie ~

Guid Wee Beastie by Paris Set Me Free
Guid Wee Beastie, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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Of course I've gone on at length about these things here and elsewhere but I offer no excuses. Not only are they synonymous with the city, gracing the cover of more than one Paris guide book, but they take me back to my roots.

The guy who offered these devices to the city was a Scot, as am I by origin, and I can't help smiling everytime I see one, which is often, as they are all over the place.

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What Poseidon - a.k.a. Fishface - complete with his trident is doing there isn't clear, although the watery connection is obviously transparent. Maybe it's not the God of the Sea but just a common or pond poison, as the former is generally represented as an older male with curly hair and beard, but who knows.

It's just that the rather exotic imagery seems at odds with the usually practical Scots, and oh, maybe I didn't make it clear what this tihng is. Did you guess?

One of the wonderful Wallace Fountains is what we are looking at here, or its flank, at least. Most of them seem to be in pretty good nick, but this one was getting a bit rusty around the edges, which you would think would go with the territory, but a good lick of paint would do it the world of good although I like the effect.

There's something almost Chinese dragonish about the creature and with the oriental new year coming up I'm going to test my theory and look for possible sources of inspiration in the Asian beasts. Or maybe I should head up to Loch Ness and look for hints closer to home. Happy sailing.

And why not...
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