Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Heads Down Day

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Heads Down Day ~

Heads Down Day by Paris Set Me Free
Heads Down Day, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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There will be days like this, we've already discussed it here. Nothing happens, and nothing will happen. Inspiration doesn't strike. And yet I want to write. So I start writing - are you with me here?

A train into Paris for a doctor's appointment. It's midday gone and that's all I've done. A half-hour doctor's appointment.

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Next pick up the kid from his aunt's. At three. Until then... nothing to do, except eat and kill the time.

Train back home with the kid and greet the dog; it's after 5pm. The day is doing down. Days like these. Maybe it's not so bad. It's real life, I have to admit that, at least. Maybe a lot realer than sititng in front of a screen.

The evening draws in, as is its wont. Won't the muse show her heathen head? Nope, she's got that down too. Perhaps this seagull will do the trick, hopefully a poem or something will fall out of my brain later on before bed and another head-down to the pillow.

Does this ever happen to you? Is it because I can't let a day go by without feeling I've produced something new or worth sharing? What is this illness I have? Even the doctor doesn't have a clue. Do you know a good one?

And why not...
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