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Human Foibles & Frog Heads

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Human Foibles & Frog Heads ~

Human Foibles by Paris Set Me Free
Human Foibles, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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In a little ridge on the plastic base of my computer screen are three items: a spring, a shell and a stone.

Without realising why I put them there, I'm now starting to see a certain subconscious reasoning.

The spring represents the resolutely man-made, the manufactured, the utilitarian, the prosaic.

The shell is the wonder of unthinking creation, the living world, the marvels of the natural planet and life upon it.

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And the stone, a little polished piece of pink quartz as it happens, stands for cold, unrelenting chemical processes, and why not the beauty which can stem from them as perceived by us, 'God's' little creatures.

You can probably tell I'm not the biggest fan of crystal therapy, can't you? Although there's something nice about turning that stone between finger and thumb. I'm just thinking it would be even better if man hadn't tampered with it as it now, in its shiny state, represents a bridge between the inert and the all-too busy.

My picture, curiously, represents the self-same things. The chair is the spring; the birds are the shell, and the totally whited-out snow is the stone. I've even tampered with the rendering of the white stuff so that it really is, pure, white. A bit like the person who 'tampered' with the rough rock, turning it into a candy box representation of its rugged origins. Like a product shot. Everything perverted by man and his devices.

I also have a pink pig picture holder, two china tortoises from my childhood and a green fluffy pen with a frog's head on top on my desk. What this says about me is anyone's guess. And you?

And why not...
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