Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Love Me 200 Times

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Love Me 200 Times ~

Love Me 200 Times by Paris Set Me Free
Love Me 200 Times, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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I'm aware of the fact that I've probably posted a very similar picture already on Paris and I, but I love this image so much I couldn't resist.

And there are signs of time passing here, if you notice the sort of 'inverted shadow' next to Rita Hayworth I think it is. This is where there used to be another Hollywood starlet from yesteryear, Ava Gardner maybe, who, when removed from the wall, curiously left a rather clean patch behind her.

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This is the famous 'I love you' wall in Montmartre, of course, but the number of 'I love you's and corresponding languages is highly debatable. In recent days I've seen claims on other internet places of anything from 150 to 450 but no doubt the truth lies somewhere in between.

This isn't helped by the fact that some enterprising bleeding hearts scrawl their own versions, in white, in amongst the originals, blurring the count further.

Anyway, I promise that the next time I publish a picture of this it'll either be very different or I'll have something genuinely newsworthy to say about it. For now let's just enjoy this marvellous blending of official and not-so official street art in what has now become a Paris classic. The stuff that pleasing blog posts are made of, indeed.

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