Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New World Order

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ New World Order ~

New World Order by Paris Set Me Free
New World Order, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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As the sun sets on an old era the seagulls herald the new order.

What new order, I hear you whisper. What old era, I hear you scream. Oh, just the old era of indecision and lack of direction, that's all. Oh, just the new order of discipline, focus and, well, order.

For too long now I've tried to do too much stuff, not doing any of it as well as I could. Now is the time to change all that. If 2012 taught me anything it's to concentrate on, oh, say, one thing at a time instead of seven. Seven things at a time? You should try it, it's seven shades of unproductive fun and fantasy... going nowhere fast.

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OK, I did do some productive stuff, like starting to publish Kindle books of my poetry, Paris quirks and... Paris Photo Chronicles. This is a Good Thing.

And right on the backside of the year got a very basic but useful iPhone and Android app out there for keeping people up to date with all my Paris content - that was an achievement in itself, I can tell you.

This new year of 2013 will see me taking yet other new directions and I don't even know what they'll be yet, which is part of the fun. But I'm determined to be more disciplined and focused than ever before. These Paris and I letters and my Paris Quirks will be the first to benefit from this renewed dedication. Whatever else happens will reveal itself in due course, like a seagull in flight appearing from behind a cathedral steeple or church tower. As it must.

And why not...
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