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Oh My Word!

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~ Oh My Word! ~

Oh My Word! by Paris Set Me Free
Oh My Word!, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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Even the bard's not helping me out here much. I've written over 250 poems in my time and just recently had a bit of a gush of stuff. Now, nothing. Not a word, not a phrase leaps to mind. But it's not the first time so I'm not panicking too much.

Sometimes I wonder if all the great poems have been written, all the super songs already sung.

The number of words out there is huge, but not infinite, and I bet there's a very small subset which accounts for the majority of creative work ever produced.

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The number of notes, weirdly, seems tiny by comparison, but then again music is made up of sounds and sound combinations, and heaven knows that must be limitless.

But in the grand scheme of things, it would be fascinating to know how close we are to having used up the majority of our potential for reasonably worthwhile creativity.

Could the 20th century, for example, have more or less defined all the possible genres of music and most of the likely word and note combinations? Won't there come a time when every simple set of notes or words will have been produced before by someone somewhere?

I honestly don't know the answer to that, but with human ingenuity being what it is we must have some scope left for a while at least.

So it's probably me. I'll have to be more inventive, more daring in my attempts to produce original stuff. As I should be, no excuses. I never did like labels so I'll try to break out. It scares me how often my poems are just three or four verses of four lines of eight syllables - worryingly run of the mill, doesn't that seem? And yet some of the 'greats' almost always used the same structures.

You'll see, I'll surprise myself, I feel it coming any time now. And when it does, it... will probably remind you of someone else! But never mind, as long as I haven't heard of them that's ok by me. Here's to originality. And the invention of a few new words and notes from time to time...

And why not...
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