Friday, 18 January 2013

Over, Bitch

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Over, Bitch by Paris Set Me Free
Over, Bitch, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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'Regarde le ciel' (look at the sky) is a common, if vaguely irritating cheapo graffito you see scrawled all over the place on these shores. (I hate being told what to do!) It seems a lot of people are taking it to heart, though, as we have as many people in Paris moaning about another cold day as there are whinging Aussies complaining for exactly the opposite reason... are people never happy?!

So this post will stop talking about the weather... now - it's over, bitch!

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Talking of overbitch, well, you can see as well as I can, and possibly have as little idea as I as to what it can mean. Other than some risqué review in Queen, the Champs Elysées night club which lives up to its name. I went there once and it was quite fun, I seem to remember, and I remember rather a lot with beers at €10 a glass, probably €15 now.

Then we have another relatively new attempt at being funny - the, again, cheaply stuck up notice informing us that 'Graffitis (sic) are not allowed here', strangely in English. Which in turn has been defaced to read 'now' instead of 'not', ho ho. Which was the whole point in the first place, kind of.

To finish with there's what's probably just a 'tag' - someone's name scrawled in red, with not much to recommend it at all at all. So much for the white wall, but it was asking for it. White as snow. My goodness, just look up for a second, will you, that isn't, is it, what I think it is, falling from the cloudy sky, could it be..? Oops.

And why not...
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