Friday, 16 November 2012

Peace in Hell

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Peace in Hell ~
Peace in Hell by Paris Set Me Free
Peace in Hell, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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If I ever did a Top 10 of my favourite Paris street corners this one would surely be in there.

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It's a little tucked away marvel on the Ile de la Cité just metres from a trace in the street showing where the old roman enclosure marking the limits of the original Paris-en-Ile back in the old old days.

It's also got a really cute little dove to echo the name of the street off to the left itself, Rue de la Colombe. What's equally pleasing is the Rue d'Enfer (Hell Street) sign still visible up on the wall there.

Who'd wanna live in Hell Street, I ask you! What must it have been like in the past to have merited such an appelation?

The closest you get to hell in Paris these days, apart from Barbès or Les Halles on a Saturday afternoon, is Denfert Rochereau, in the south of the city. But that's another story.

And why not...
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