Sunday, 2 December 2012

Running To Keep Up

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Running To Keep Up ~

Running To Keep Up by Paris Set Me Free
Running To Keep Up, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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Phew, after getting two months behind in my Paris Photo Chronicles, this is the one which will finally bring me up to date again. Never again. What a labour of love.

Never did I think three years ago that I'd still be going more than a thousand days, a thousand pictures and around 300,000 words later. I mean, I didn't intend stopping when I started, but I had no idea how far it would go. Nor do I now.

I'll keep doing it as long as I have pictures of Paris I'm pleased with to share, and words worth the pixels their written on to offer up for your perusal, and hopefully, occasionally your reading and viewing pleasure.

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Take this shot. It represents me quite well. I'm a shadowy figure as I roam the streets, iPhone in one hand, and occasionally something to eat or drink in the other. My relationship with the city is like a tormented love affair, a little like what's etched out in this wretched tree's bark.

Each one of those names represents, for me, a memory, a photo or a story, and yes, of course sometimes a person or lover, it's true.

Now, as I get older and not necessarily wiser I find I'm becoming more philosophical and less impulsive but no less enamoured with what I see around me. A magical image still does it for me, even if I'm just imagining what I'll do with it once I get it on my iPhone and attack it with my favourite apps. That's part of what photography's become for me and I wouldn't want it otherwise.

Then come the words, usually inspired by the pictures but not always. In the end the final 'product', my creation, ready to share, is sent out into the ether, to enter the interweb world. The photo and fiction fuse, never again to be separated.

I'll look back, one day, on my early Paris Photo Chronicles and smile, and reminisce and wonder where the time went. But for now I'm living that time and some of you are living it with me. Hey, stick with me for the next thousand days - it would be an honour and you never know where we might be headed next.

And why not...
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