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Screw It, Let's Do It

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~ Screw It, Let's Do It ~

Screw It, Let's Do It by Paris Set Me Free

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Richard Branson's no idiot, as we all know. Need further proof be needed, the Virgin Megastore, with its flagship outlet on the Champs Elysées, ex-member of the Branson portfolio, has just declared bankruptcy.

By chance I bought a gift CD there just before Christmas and changed it - great choice Sab - just after. I have a credit for €2 on my next Virgin purchase. I may be waiting some time to use it.

More importantly, a host of jobs have been lost as another nail is hammered into the coffin of traditional music outlets and sales channels. As if further proof were needed.

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It makes you wonder how Virgin's big rival here in Paris, the FNAC, are managing. But probably ok, because they are far more diversified, with computers, cameras, TVs and stuff which is much more in tune with today's hi-tech buying public. They must be worried though, with their huge exposure to the vagueries of the audio and just as much so printed text market. Do people still buy paper books any more?

Well I do, just bought three when I was over in London for the weekend, can never resist, although I'm disappointed so far with my first read, 'The 10 Second Philosophy', which has degenerated into psychoblahblah, but never mind. The fact is I never - yes, that's the right word - I never buy CDs for myself any more. I'm quite happily subscribed to Deezer for €5 a month where I can listen to a lot of my own old, vinyl-based stuff and a ton of new stuff all the time to my heart's desire. Is there another way to listen to music any more, I ask myself.

So poor old Virgin bites the dust. I'm not mourning - I wasn't fond of them in particular - but I guess I do regret the decline of the well-stocked music store, out of nostalgia from my over-spent youth as much as anything. As Branson knows, you have to move with the times. His 'lessons in life and business' book was called 'Screw It, Let's Do It', and it seems when it came to parting with his music empire he had the right idea, however much it hurt.

And why not...
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