Monday, 21 January 2013

Split Rails & Finger Nails

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Split Rails & Finger Nails ~

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There was a guy lying in his sleeping bag, under a tarpaulin, motionless, outside the boulangerie I got my pain au raisin at this morning just off Nation in eastern Paris.

He could have been dead; the snow was piled up against his (hopefully) slumbering bulk.

It's a tough time for the homeless, but also for all those who have to work outside, like these characters I passed on the train on my way into the city this morning.

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Standing in the middle of the mass of spaghetti known as Juvisy, they were probably checking for split rails which, surprisingly, we don't seem to have had the pleasure of enduring so far this cold spell.

If you look closely, their uniforms match the colours of the doors on the train behind them. I know, I know...

Street sweepers would share their lot but I haven't seen too many of them out there, for pretty obvious reasons. What I have seen all over the place is everyone from little old ladies to teams of a dozen pompiers (firemen) tackling the snow and ice with everything from old brooms and picks to professional looking gadgets and gizmos. In no particular order.

And brave teams of 'rescue workers' checking on as many of those on the street as possible.

Luckily, and I'm grateful for it, frozen fingered photographers can pop into any given café for some warm relief in the form of a café crème and a croissant. The right side of the city of light. If you happen to be on it.

And why not...
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