Thursday, 17 January 2013

Spouting Nonsense

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Spouting Nonsense ~

Spouting Nonsense by Paris Set Me Free
Spouting Nonsense, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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A mildly surprising notice for a drinking water fountain: "Eau dangereuse à boire" - water dangerous to drink. Well, it doesn't look like it's spouted for quite some time unfortunately because it's quite a beauty. An old wall-mounted model on an RER station platform from 1895 - not the sort of thing you see every day. It was probably appreciated by the large number of pregnant women using the station to get to the newly opened maternity clinic nearby...

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I've actually got quite a thing about fountains; not only have I done a Top 10 Wallace fountains, but I'm thinking of doing another one on all the other types out there, and heaven knows Paris has got its fair share.

Today was a funny day; I found myself confronted with a very pleasant walking companion who just happened to know almost all my little Paris secrets on the route we chose. It's a good job she wasn't paying me money to accompany me!

But it's a pleasure to find someone as nutty about things like old shop signs and bits of crumbling wall and yes, even fountains and watering holes of various shapes and sorts and there were plenty where we were. Which was around the Rue Mouffetard area.

I even managed to get another member of my Crap Paris series thanks to a very dodgy looking building indeed which looked like it was about to bite the dust. Check it out before it does!

And why not...
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