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Tumble Down Titans

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Tumble Down Titans ~

Tumble Down Titans by Paris Set Me Free
Tumble Down Titans, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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Tumbling Amazons was one of Aristide Maillol's specialities - I think this one may be called The River, but I'm not sure. Nor am I sure if she's supposed to be falling into a river or being washed along by the current, or perhaps representing the river herself, with her curves and waves and undulations.

It's an impressive piece in any case, and they are popular with the tourists who have just finished photographing the Louvre pyramid or strolling in the Tuileries gardens.

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Apparently these works were an important influence on Henry Moore's later, much more symbolic representations of the female form, a subject to which Maillol devoted most of his creative endeavours.

Ours is now to enjoy and photograph these huge, lumbering yet strangely graceful figures as best we can. If I had to choose between Maillol and Moore I might be tempted to elect the second as my sculptor of predilection, for his imagination and daring. But we can see these sculptures as coming from a more straightforward time and their solidity and realness gives them an undeniable gravitas.

If it were me, I'd probably try something even more radical than Moore, like some of the later stuff of Miro where simple lines or shapes are made to stand for 'woman' at her most primal and basic.

There's a Henry Moore piece at the other end of the Tuileries, complete with hole, as it were (if I remember correctly), so I invite you to compare them for yourself and see what you like best.

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