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Yellow Red Blue

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Yellow Red Blue ~

Yellow Red Blue by Paris Set Me Free
Yellow Red Blue, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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This picture inspired a poem, look, here it is. I wouldn't rate it amongst my best, but the words needed to get out there, and so they did.

There was something about the colours. The red symbolising passion or perhaps anger. The yellow for cowardice. And the blue, although it doesn't look blue in the photo, for sadness. The blue bit, I think, is around the word Saint-Georges and the metro number.

The rhyming pattern is a bit unusual, as is my mood right now. It goes:

a a
- a
b b
c c

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It's probably been done before, but I can't remember having done so myself. It's nice to try something new. I tried to include heaps of things which shared the colour, either literally or metaphorically, in each verse. You'll have to see for yourself if it works or not, but I didn't want it to be too obvious. I don't want to treat my readers like idiots or babies, and it's nice to work stuff out for yourself too.

Mind you, I didn't write about letter boxes or metro signs either, so the influence of the picture on the poem is purely symbolic with those three primary colours. It's a shame the blue didn't come out. But then in the processing of the photo I was going for an over-saturated, constrasty, 60s or 70s type of feel. That works except it should probably have been a bit more washed out after the over-saturating, if that isn't a contradiction in terms. It's all good. Just got to keep on producing. That's the discipline.

And why not...
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